Here you will find the collection of all our garments for men in comfortable linen. Explore our range of products below and find your new favorites.

What is linen?

Linen fabric has been used in different ways throughout the history of clothing. It's made of plant fiber and works as the perfect material for warm and humid days. It has a quick dry attribute, which is very useful in clothing and other textiles.

Which products suits linen?

Thanks to the resistance to humid and quick dry attribute, linen fabric can be used in both shirts, overshirts and trousers.

How to wear linen clothing?

The variantions of linen garments are large. Match your linen overshirt over a t-shirt for a relaxed but dressed outfit. Match a whole set of linen with a pair of sneakers and feel confident for every occasion, both for a summer party or workday.

Comfortable in summer

The linen fabric can as mentions be resistent to some degree of humid, but it is also a cooling fabric. This makes it  to the perfect piece of clothing for warm summer days. Throw on one of our linen shirts and trousers and be ready for the beach or a day down town.

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