Half zips

Discover the range of our half zips below. This garment is right in between of shirt and shirt, a mix with the best of both worlds. With details such as collar and cuffs from the shirt, and a fabric comfortable as a sweater. What you call it, it's up to you!

Half zip?

The half zip is just what it sounds like. A garment for men with a zip that goes half the way down. We have matched this with favorite details with a super soft fabric to create the half zip shirt. A hybrid between a stylish shirt and a comfortable sweater. How cool isn't that?

When to wear the half zip?

This piece of clothing has no limits. Thanks to its clean look, it can be worn as a regular shirt but also be the perfect garment, when you feel to dress up more. In addition to these two ways, it can be worn under a jacket for a semi warm spring day, as well.

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Our half zip is inspired by the sport

This is perhaps our most iconic product. Our half zip jersey. This garment has taken inspiration from the sport and the world of sports, where a jersey with a zipper is common. Here we have taken the zipper into the fashion scene.

Dressed up or more causal

The choice is yours. This half zip can be worn in many different ways. Put it in the pants for a more stylish outfit or run it with a pair of jeans for one with a causal outfit. Our half zip is the garment everyone needs in their wardrobe.