Cord overshirts

Do not miss the great trend with cord. Below it's our collection of our best overshirts in cord, both with zip and buttons. Our cord overshirt also comes in different thicknesses on the cord.


Cord or corduroy has a long history in confection. It has been a favorite in fashion since way back. Associated with the textile industry in England, the cord is a classic and will never go out of time.

Our products

We offer cord products for men, and more specific shirts and overshirts in cord or corduroy. They come in different styles and with details such as pockets, zipper, double zipper and buttons.

How and when to wear cord shirts? 

There is really not an everyday situation that does not make the overshirt a perfect piece in the outfit, and more specific, the cord overshirt for men. Style it as it is over a t-shirt for the perfect outfit.

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With or without zip

Some prefer a slightly more stylish look and appreciate zipper-free overshirts. Other customers like that the garments stand out from the crowd and thus prefer with the chain. Whatever you like, we have both manchester shirts and overshirts.

Manchester as a garment

Manchester trends have come and gone for several generations. The fact that it is constantly coming back really demonstrates its strength. We have chosen to specialize in overshirts in manchester both with and without zippers.