Gift card

Give a Ciszere gift card to someone you like. Choose a selected amount and you’ll receive the gift card to your E-mail.

What can you buy with the gift card?

Anything in our full range, from t-shirts, overshirts to jackets and so much more. A gift card is an easy way to buy anything that you would like.

How to use a gift card? 

It's very simple to use a gift card. You will get an unique code with the gift card that you can use in the field labeled coupon under "proceed to check out". You will find this part when you click on the shopping cart.

Gift cards are suitable for all occasions

It doesn't matter what kind of occasion it is, because a gift card is the perfect gesture to show appreciation to someone special at all times. 

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Our gift cards

A gift card is a very appreciate gesture, and it sure will come to use. It's simple to utilize, and it can't never go wrong. We offer gift cards that are valid witihin 2 years. 

Gift cards are trendy

We live in a modern time, where the digitalization plays a big part of our lives. We believe that E-gift cards are the way to go in finding the perfect gifts to him. It's quick, easy and convenient to buy and use.