Here you will find our range of jackets and outerwears for men. The fit on all outerwears is normal, so order your usual size.

The jacket

The jacket is a type of outerwear for the upper body. Is has long sleeves and fastening in the front of the garment. A jacket without sleeves is called a vest and can be used for warmer days or as a complement to other garments. Here you will find more information about our latest happenings.

How to wear a jacket?

Thanks to the wide range of jackets. There is one for every occasion and taste. Wear it over a sweater or hoodie on colder days, or match the jacket with a t-shirt for a warm spring day. The spring is also the perfect season for our vests, which can be worn over a shirt or a sweater for a comfortable look.

Our range of outerwear

We offer jackets in the form of pile jackets. Our range also consists of shackets, or shirt jackets or overshirts as they are also known as. Finally we do also offer high quality vests in clean design, both in pile and in a puffer style.

When to wear a jacket?

Since we origin from the north, we know that the jacket is essential for every season. When the seasons and weather change throughout the year, our outerwear will be the best friend.

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Our jackets

We believe in producing jackets with admirable quality, like fleece, baby cord, cotton and more. We at Ciszere have jackets that are warm and thick enough to use during colder seasons. On top of that, we have jackets that are perfect for moderate seasons as well.

Jackets for all seasons

Jackets come in many variations in material, style and are designed for different purposes. Some are made of thick fleece fabric of high quality, that make it more suitable for colder seasons. Others are made of linen or baby cord (just to mention a few) for milder days.