Here you will find our range of knitted sweaters in cashmere blend. We have knitted sweaters with either full or half zips with a classic color selection available.

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a form of light wool, which is characterized as the most softest material available. The material comes from the cashmere goat that lives in a colder environment.

The products

We believe in designing knitted sweaters with two different ways. Therefore we decided to make a full and a half-zip length zip version. Due to the cashmere blend in the sweaters, it makes it very soft but still breathable. Lastly, we didn't forget the extra details, which gives the sweater the last perfect touch.

When and how do you wear it?

The knitted sweaters with cashmere blend work perfectly for a comfortable look for relaxing occasions or for other special events. Overall, a simple white t-shirt under the sweater is always a safe bet to complete the full outfit.

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How does cashmere fibres feel like?

Due to cashmere's very soft fibers, it will therefore feel like silk. Cashmere is actually softer than cotton.

Why choose cashmere blend in clothing

Our sweaters are designed in a high quality cashmere blend, which gives the garments the smooth feeling and it makes it breathable at the same time.