Padel clothes for the fashion enthusiast. It's time to dress just as nicely on the padel court as outside. We have the clothes for all you paddle enthusiasts. This is our very own collection of padel clothing.


The interest for padel has exploded in last years. Originally only played in South America and Spain, it has now spread to a wider audience over the world. Easy to play for everyone at their own level of skill, it is now a weekly activity for many.

Which products do we offer?

We offer sportswear in form of padel sets with t-shirts and shorts. They come in different colors and are very appreciated among our customers.

Can I only use the set for padel?

Of course not. Our sportswear can be used for any sports activity such as the gym or running session. Thanks to the technical fabric it can be used whenever you need clothes that can handle tough activities.

Time to look good on the court

We could not find a padel set with that extra touch in terms of design. Therefore we decided to upgrade the sportswear so you can look just as good off court as on it. The padel set has a very clean design and makes you look like a PRO. It is time to look good and upgrade your game at the same time.

No products were found matching your selection.

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