Discover our jackets and vests in teddy for men. Also called the Pile program. These teddy jackets for men are perfect to wear over a sweater, an overshirt or a hoodie.

The pile material

Teddy jackets or also called "fleece jackets" have long been used in sports and outdoor products for their functional properties. We see the fact that the material has now found its way into the fashion scene as something very positive.

Pile vest for men

In addition to our dart jackets, we have also produced a teddy vest. This vest is as easy to wear as our teddy jacket and comes in a higher collar instead of a classic collar.

How to wear a pile jacket

The jacket or vest is very easy to wear. You can simply throw it on over your current outfit. For example, our teddy jackets are perfect to wear over an overshirt, a sweater or a hoodie.

In what season should you wear a teddy jacket? 

One of the best features of the teddy material is that it works pretty much all year round. The product is just thick enough to keep you warm in autumn and spring, but also works for milder winters and late summer evenings.

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Why the pile/teddy material is so good

Pile/teddy clothing is the ultimate fit for the frigid and milder seasons, because pile has a strong ability to keep the warmth. Our pile products are comfortable and pleasant, but also very stylish with their sophisticated details.

It's easy to take care of pile/teddy garments

The reason is that fibers of the pile/teddy material is stretchable yet soft, therefore it makes the process of washing it much more easier.