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Bored at work; Part 2

A Celebration of the Quirky Charm of Office Life

The Bored at Work: Part II collection takes a sparkling look at the unique features of office life. Through playful garments and accessories, we celebrate the small moments of joy and creativity that can brighten up a gray workday.

Color palette and patterns: The collection is characterized by an eclectic mix of colors and patterns. Pastel tones and graphic prints create a modern and playful feel, while classic stripes and checks add an elegant touch.

Materials and garments: Soft and comfortable materials such as cotton and jersey are contrasted with shimmering details in satin and silk. Blouses with humorous prints, oversized cardigans, and chinos with unexpected details are some of the key pieces in the collection.

Details: Embroidered details, humorous buttons, and prints with office-related motifs give the collection a unique and personal touch.

Bored at Work: Part II: For the individual who wants to express their individuality and find joy in work.