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Spring jacketJaden pile jacket - Light beigeJaden pile jacket - Light beige
Jaden pile jacket - Light beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK
Spring jacketJaden pile jacket - Moss greenJaden pile jacket - Moss green
Jaden pile jacket - Moss green AanbiedingsprijsVan 1 399 SEK
Spring jacketJaden pile jacket - BlackJaden pile jacket - Black
Jaden pile jacket - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK
Remy pile vest - Light beigeRemy pile vest - Light beige
Remy pile vest - Light beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
Remy pile vest - Moss greenRemy pile vest - Moss green
Remy pile vest - Moss green Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK


The Versatility of Pile Jackets & vests 

Experience year-round comfort and style at Ciszere with our collection of pile jackets and vests. Crafted from luxurious and cozy fleece fabric, these essential pieces offer lightweight warmth and breathability for spring, autumn, and winter. Whether you're enjoying outdoor adventures or simply relaxing at home, our pile outerwear ensures unparalleled comfort and timeless style, making them a versatile garment in any mans wardrobe.

Classic Design with a Modern Twist

Our Pile collection is made for men who wants comfort and elegance in the same garment, With simple details like the collar on our Jaden  jacket and the practical and modern pockets on the side in a twill material is things that really makes the garment stand out from the others, Our jacket and vest is the perfect outerwear for spring, autumn and also winter when you wanna stay warm but don't wanna offer your style. Pair our Remy  pile vest over a knit sweater like our own Clark sweater for the perfect spring and autumn fit for every occasion.

Why Pile Jackets and Vests Reign Supreme in Men's Fashion

At Ciszere you can dive into why Pile jackets and vests are on top in men's fashion. Check out the little things, the comfy feels, and the classic vibes that make them the ultimate in style. Find out why guys everywhere choose Pile outerwear to add a touch of class to their look, Forget about chasing trends; Pile jackets and vests are always in style. With their classic designs and clean lines, they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. From the boardroom to the bar.

Behind every Pile jacket and vest at Ciszere is a dedication to quality that's hard to beat. From the stitching to the finishing touches, each piece is made with care and attention to detail. That means you can count on your Pile outerwear to look great and last for years to come and never come out of style.