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Selling fastHarlow linen trousers - Sunburst beigeHarlow linen trousers - Sunburst beige
Harlow linen trousers - GreenHarlow linen trousers - Green
Harlow linen trousers - Green Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Nelson knitted polo - OysterNelson knitted polo - Oyster
Nelson knitted polo - Oyster Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Designer's choiceHarlow linen trousers - BlackHarlow linen trousers - Black
Harlow linen trousers - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Designer's choiceDale suede sneaker - Light beigeDale suede sneaker - Light beige
Dale suede sneaker - Light beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
BestsellerKean superior stretch trousers - BlackKean superior stretch trousers - Black
BestsellerUitverkochtNelson knitted polo - BlackNelson knitted polo - Black
Nelson knitted polo - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Selling fastKean superior stretch trousers – Dark greyKean superior stretch trousers – Dark grey
Dani Linen overshirt - Sunburst beigeDani Linen overshirt - Sunburst beige
BestsellerQuincy linen overshirt - BlackQuincy linen overshirt - Black
Quincy linen overshirt - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK
Damien boucle shirt - BeigeDamien boucle shirt - Beige
Damien boucle shirt - Beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
BestsellerMian linen shorts - Sunburst beigeMian linen shorts - Sunburst beige
Quincy linen zip overshirt - Sunburst beigeQuincy linen zip overshirt - Sunburst beige
Quincy linen overshirt - Forest greenQuincy linen overshirt - Forest green
Harlow linen trousers - WhiteHarlow linen trousers - White
Harlow linen trousers - White Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Top pickUitverkochtDani linen overshirt - Forest GreenDani linen overshirt - Forest Green
Dani linen overshirt - BlackDani linen overshirt - Black
Dani linen overshirt - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Colby knitted full zip - BeigeColby knitted full zip - Beige
Colby knitted full zip - Beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
Nelson knitted polo - Palm LeafNelson knitted polo - Palm Leaf
Nelson knitted polo - Palm Leaf Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
John boucle half zip - Light beigeJohn boucle half zip - Light beige
Dale leather sneaker - BlackDale leather sneaker - Black
Dale leather sneaker - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Designer's choiceMateo plisse overshirt - IvoryMateo plisse overshirt - Ivory
Mateo plisse overshirt - Ivory Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK
Dale suede sneaker - Light greyDale suede sneaker - Light grey
Dale suede sneaker - Light grey Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Designer's choiceLugo plisse trouser - IvoryLugo plisse trouser - Ivory
Lugo plisse trouser - Ivory Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
Lugo plisse trouser - BlackLugo plisse trouser - Black
Lugo plisse trouser - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
Top pickMian linen shorts - Forest GreenMian linen shorts - Forest Green
Mian linen shorts - Forest Green Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Jack plisse shirt - WhiteJack plisse shirt - White
Jack plisse shirt - White Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Jack plisse shirt - BlackJack plisse shirt - Black
Jack plisse shirt - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
BestsellerUitverkochtAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - BlackAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Black
Noel boxy tshirt - WhiteNoel boxy tshirt - White
Noel boxy tshirt - White Aanbiedingsprijs699 SEK
Harlow stretch trousers  - BlackHarlow stretch trousers  - Black
Harlow stretch trousers - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Jack plisse shirt - Light blueJack plisse shirt - Light blue
Jack plisse shirt - Light blue Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Nioz overshirt - Dark blueNioz overshirt - Dark blue
Nioz overshirt - Dark blue Aanbiedingsprijs1 599 SEK
Aden cord zip shirt - Gobi sandAden cord zip shirt - Gobi sand
Aden cord zip shirt - Gobi sand Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Alex Contrast Pique - Off WhiteAlex Contrast Pique - Off White
Alex contrast pique - Off white Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Spring jacketJulien satin jacket - BlackJulien satin jacket - Black
Julien satin jacket - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 499 SEK
Evan plisse tee - Light blueEvan plisse tee - Light blue
Evan plisse tee - Light blue Aanbiedingsprijs799 SEK
Mian linen shorts - BlackMian linen shorts - Black
Mian linen shorts - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Aden Cord Zip Shirt - Light GreenAden Cord Zip Shirt - Light Green
Aden Cord zip shirt - Light Green Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Mateo plisse overshirt - BlackMateo plisse overshirt - Black
Mateo plisse overshirt - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK
Conrad knitted cardigan - BeigeConrad knitted cardigan - Beige
Conrad knitted cardigan - Beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
Dani linen overshirt - WhiteDani linen overshirt - White
Dani linen overshirt - White Aanbiedingsprijs1 199 SEK
BestsellerLimitedUitverkochtAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - GreyAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Grey
Bowen Structure Sweater - BeigeBowen structure shirt - Beige
Bowen structure shirt - Beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 299 SEK
Franklin waffle tee - Off whiteFranklin waffle tee - Off white
Franklin waffle tee - Off white Aanbiedingsprijs699 SEK
Mian plisse shorts - BlackMian plisse shorts - Black
Mian plisse shorts - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 099 SEK
Nioz overshirt - BlackNioz overshirt - Black
Nioz overshirt - Black Aanbiedingsprijs1 599 SEK
Spring jacketJaden pile jacket - Light beigeJaden pile jacket - Light beige
Jaden pile jacket - Light beige Aanbiedingsprijs1 399 SEK


Ciszere: Timeless elegance

Enter a world of timeless elegance with our men's apparel collection. Each garment embodies sophistication, offering classic style with modern sensibility. Crafted from premium materials, our shirts and sweatshirts provide unparalleled comfort and breathability. From crisp button-downs to relaxed linen shirts, our collection caters to every occasion. Our sweatshirts offer warmth and style, perfect for layering or standalone wear. Experience the refined versatility of our collection, making a statement wherever you go.

Scandinavian Craftsmanship and Quality

At Ciszere, quality is paramount. Our men's clothing collection showcases  craftsmanship of Scandinavian minimalism and attention to details. Made from premium cottons and linens, our shirts ensure a perfect fit and superior comfort. From trendy overshirts to cozy sweaters, every piece withstands the test of time. Experience the essence of quality and craftsmanship with our timeless designs, making each garment a staple in your wardrobe.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Our Men's Collection

Elevate your wardrobe effortlessly with our versatile men's collection. Each piece exudes sophistication. Crafted from high-quality fabrics, our garments offer style and comfort in equal measure. Our classic shirts are perfect for any occasion, while our knitwear and outerwear provide added versatility. Mix and match to create a variety of stylish looks, always looking and feeling your best with our impeccable designs and craftsmanship.