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A versatile wardrobe essential suitable for any occasion. From plain to patterned styles, our overshirts are crafted from premium materials like cotton, wool, and shell, ensuring year-round comfort and style.

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Aden Cord Zip Shirt - Light GreenAden Cord Zip Shirt - Light Green
Dani linen overshirt - WhiteDani linen overshirt - White
Dani linen overshirt - White Sale price1 199 SEK
Mateo plisse overshirt - BlackMateo plisse overshirt - Black
Mateo plisse overshirt - GreyMateo plisse overshirt - Grey
Mateo plisse overshirt - Grey Sale price1 399 SEK
Designer's choiceMateo plisse overshirt - IvoryMateo plisse overshirt - Ivory
Limited: Miles overshirt - Tiger jacquardLimited: Miles overshirt - Tiger jacquard
BestsellerQuincy linen overshirt - BlackQuincy linen overshirt - Black
Selling fastQuincy linen overshirt - WhiteQuincy linen overshirt - White
Quincy linen overshirt - Forest greenQuincy linen overshirt - Forest green
Dani linen overshirt - BlackDani linen overshirt - Black
Top pickDani linen overshirt - Forest GreenDani linen overshirt - Forest Green
Dani Linen overshirt - Sunburst beigeDani Linen overshirt - Sunburst beige
Aden Cord Zip Shirt - Shaded Black
Aden cord zip shirt - Gobi sandAden cord zip shirt - Gobi sand
Aden Cord Zip Shirt - Moss GreenAden cord zip shirt - Moss green
Ottoman full zip sweater - WhiteOttoman full zip sweater - White
Nioz overshirt - BlackNioz overshirt - Black
Nioz overshirt - Black Sale price1 599 SEK
Nioz overshirt - Dark blueNioz overshirt - Dark blue
Sold outIlon overshirt - Light greyIlon overshirt - Light grey
Ilon overshirt - Light grey Sale price1 699 SEK
Mel vegan leather jacket - BlackMel vegan leather jacket - Black
Alden Waffle Overshirt - Forest GreenAlden Waffle Overshirt - Forest Green
Quincy linen zip overshirt - Sunburst beigeQuincy linen zip overshirt - Sunburst beige
Sold outAden Cord Zip Shirt - Mint GreenAden Cord Zip Shirt - Mint Green
Conrad knitted overshirt - BlackConrad knitted overshirt - Black
Conrad knitted cardigan - BeigeConrad knitted cardigan - Beige
Colby knitted full zip - BlackColby knitted full zip - Black
Colby knitted full zip - BeigeColby knitted full zip - Beige
BestsellerLimitedAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - GreyAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Grey
BestsellerAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - BlackAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Black
Dani Boucle overshirt - BeigeDani Boucle overshirt - Beige
Micah checked overshirt - BeigeMicah checked overshirt - Beige


What is an overshirt

We know overshirts and we know how to produce the perfect ones. We have overshirts for all occasions. Here you will discover our wide range of products. Let’s get dressed!An overshirt is a concept that gained momentum in Scandinavia around 2017 and is a mixed product of a shirt and a jacket.

An overshirt is usually characterized by the fact that it is made of a slightly heavier material that makes it fit over a more classic shirt or t-shirt. The range of overshirts is large. We have chosen to focus on high quality products for men. We offer, among other things, a wide range of overshirts in Manchester, linen, cotton and denim. We also focus in working exclusively with fabrics we know work for an active everyday life. Explore our entire seasonal range below.

Overshirts have many names

Quite quickly, the so-called overshirt had a big impact and with it came many names. Perhaps the most obvious name in is just overshirt, but there have also been names such as shirt jacket and shackets. Dear child has many names, but we like the original name best, overshirts.

An overshirt can advantageously be worn in many different ways. You can choose to have it open with a nice t-shirt or shirt under and closed to warm you on cooler days. The overshirt fits clockwise to wear any of our stylish shirts or half zips.

How to wear an overshirt?

The advantage of an overshirt is that it can be worn in so many different ways. As we move more towards a sports-influenced fashion, more and more people are starting to change their stiff jackets for more relaxing alternatives. This is where the overshirt comes into the perfect timing. Simply wear an overshirt over the favorite t-shirt or over a regular shirt.

The quality is high and the comfort is something we constantly work hard on, to ensure that, you who wear our clothes will always feel comfortable. We like to listen to our customers and their ideas, wishes and needs in clothing and style, in order to continue creating unique clothes at Ciszere. The customers' opinions will always have a high impact and value to us.