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Discover an extensive selection of shirts designed for various occasions, carefully chosen to blend comfort with contemporary style.

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Aden cord zip shirt - Gobi sandAden cord zip shirt - Gobi sand
Sold outAden Cord Zip Shirt - Mint GreenAden Cord Zip Shirt - Mint Green
Sold outAden Cord Zip Shirt - Moss GreenAden cord zip shirt - Moss green
Sold outAden Cord Zip Shirt - Off WhiteAden Cord Zip Shirt - Off White
BestsellerSold outAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - BlackAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Black
BestsellerLimitedSold outAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - GreyAden Superior Stretch Overshirt - Grey
Alex Contrast Pique - Off WhiteAlex Contrast Pique - Off White
Angelo Striped Shirt - MultiAngelo Striped Shirt - Multi
Angelo striped shirt - Multi Sale price1 299 SEK
Arlo Flower Print Shirt - MultiArlo Flower Print Shirt - Multi
Arlo Shirt - Pyramide EscapeArlo Shirt - Pyramide Escape
Arlo Shirt - Pyramide Escape Sale price1 499 SEK
Bowen Structure Sweater - BeigeBowen structure shirt - Beige
Bowen structure shirt - Beige Sale price1 299 SEK
Cameron waffle shirt - Leaf GreenCameron waffle shirt - Leaf Green
Cay terry half zip shirt - BeigeCay terry half zip shirt - Beige
Damien boucle shirt - BeigeDamien boucle shirt - Beige
Sold outDani Boucle overshirt - BeigeDani Boucle overshirt - Beige
BestsellerDev 2.0 half zip shirt – BeigeDev 2.0 half zip shirt – Beige
Dev 2.0 half zip shirt – BlackDev 2.0 half zip shirt – Black
Dev 2.0 half zip shirt – GreenDev 2.0 half zip shirt – Green
Sold outEllipse: pique front emblem – BlackEllipse: pique front emblem – Black
Jack plisse shirt - BlackJack plisse shirt - Black
Jack plisse shirt - Black Sale price1 199 SEK
Jack plisse shirt - Light blueJack plisse shirt - Light blue
Jack plisse shirt - WhiteJack plisse shirt - White
Jack plisse shirt - White Sale price1 199 SEK
Jesse jacquard shirt - BeigeJesse jacquard shirt - Beige
John boucle half zip - Light beigeJohn boucle half zip - Light beige
Jona camp collar linen shirt - BeigeJona camp collar linen shirt - Beige
Mika straight shirt - BeigeMika straight shirt - Beige
Mika straight shirt - BlueMika straight shirt - Blue
Mika straight shirt - GreenMika straight shirt - Green
Mika straight shirt - StripedMika straight shirt - Striped
Mika straight shirt - WhiteMika straight shirt - White
Nelson knitted long sleeve - BlackNelson knitted long sleeve - Black
Nelson knitted long sleeve - OysterNelson knitted long sleeve - Oyster
BestsellerSold outNelson knitted polo - BlackNelson knitted polo - Black
Nelson knitted polo - OysterNelson knitted polo - Oyster
Nelson knitted polo - Palm LeafNelson knitted polo - Palm Leaf
Nelson pique longsleeve - GreenNelson pique longsleeve - Green
Nelson pique longsleeve - Mojave beigeNelson pique longsleeve - Mojave beige
Nelson pique longsleeve - Off whiteNelson pique longsleeve - Off white
Nelson polo pique shirt - BlackNelson polo pique shirt - Black
Nelson polo pique shirt - GreenNelson polo pique shirt - Green
Nelson Polo Pique Shirt - Mojave Beige 5Nelson Polo Pique Shirt - Mojave Beige 6
Nelson polo pique shirt - Off whiteNelson polo pique shirt - Off white
Redy viscose blend shirt -  Off-whiteRedy viscose blend shirt -  Off-white
Sold outRedy viscose blend shirt - BlackRedy viscose blend shirt - Black
Sold outRevin linen shirt - Beige
Revin linen shirt - Beige Sale price1 099 SEK
Sold outRevin linen shirt - Green
Sold outRevin linen shirt - Light blue
Revin linen shirt - Light blue Sale price1 099 SEK
Ruby striped shirt - MultiRuby striped shirt - Multi
Ruby striped shirt - Multi Sale price1 299 SEK


Men's Shirts

Explore our selection of shirts. Oxford shirts, linen shirts, and corduroy, Available as polo shirts, button-downs, and with zip-shirts. Discover our collection of shirts in sleek design. Shop now.

What is a shirt?

A shirt is a garment which history goes way back in time. Versions of the shirt has been worn throughout history by both workers, royals and everyone in between. The modern shirt comes in various fits and designs and can be worn to any occasion.We have created a collection of high quality shirts for men with carefully selected designs. Explore our range of shirts below.

What types of shirts are there?

The range of classic shirts as we know them is large. We have chosen to focus on high quality products for men. We offer a strong range of shirts. Just as our overshirts they come in different fabrics as linen, cotton and hybrids. With buttons, without buttons, with a zip or short-sleeved. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to shirts.

A shirt is a man's best friend

There is not much more to say when it comes to a shirt. But as the range is large, we decided to focus on the everyday shirt and to make its comfort and quality perfect. You can never go wrong with a good-looking shirt to crown your outfit.

All our shirts are well-designed with a good shape and comfort in mind. With a perfect fit you can meet all the activities of the day.

How to wear a shirt

The advantage of a shirt is that it can be worn in so many different ways. If you simply wear an overshirt over your favorite shirt, you are ready for the day. Match your favorite shirt with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers, and take on any occasion with confidence. Tuck it in or let it loose, you decide. Be ready and explore our range of different mens shirts below.

Our shirts are designed to be timeless and will last for many years to come. This make our shirts the perfect base garment to match with our overshirts or zip shirts.