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Discover spring's best overshirt

Elia overshirt

Throw on one of our overshirts together with a pair of sneakers and any trousers and you're ready for the day. Enough said.

Beige and sand-colored are making their way into the man's wardrobe as a basic color. We have of course taken note of this. A color that is extremely easy to wear.

Per Frick

In the realm of professional football, players are often recognized for their on-field prowess and athletic achievements. However, there are individuals like Per Frick who transcend the boundaries of sports and venture into diverse fields. Apart from his successful football career, Frick has also made a mark as the founder of the fashion brand Ciszere.

Per Frick, a name synonymous with skillful plays on the pitch, has proven that his talents extend beyond the football field. Ciszere, the fashion label he founded, reflects his passion for creativity and style. In an industry where innovation is key, Frick has successfully blended his love for fashion with his entrepreneurial spirit.

Ciszere, under Per Frick's guidance, has gained recognition for its unique and contemporary designs. The brand reflects a fusion of classic and modern elements, showcasing Frick's commitment to creating timeless pieces that resonate with a diverse audience. It's evident that his dedication to excellence is not limited to scoring goals but extends to crafting a brand that stands out in the competitive world of fashion.

Frick's foray into fashion entrepreneurship highlights the multifaceted nature of today's athletes. Beyond the football pitch, he has successfully built a brand that mirrors his distinct taste and style. As fans, we get a glimpse of Per Frick's versatility, proving that his contributions to the world go beyond the cheers of the crowd and into the realm of fashion innovation.

In conclusion, Per Frick's venture into the fashion industry with Ciszere demonstrates that athletes can excel in more than one domain. His ability to balance a successful football career with entrepreneurship adds a new dimension to his persona, making him a noteworthy figure both on and off the field.

Brushed cotton

This overshirt is made of 100% brushed cotton, which gives the garment an exclusive look while being as comfortable as silk. .

High quality

This product is of the highest quality in terms of fabric and manufacturing, which gives you a garment you can wear for a long time to come.


We have developed this product with the price in focus. By keeping the price below the thousand mark, we are extremely well positioned at the end of the market.