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Linen overshirts

Linen Overshirts: A Blend of Style and Function

At Ciszere, we strive to create linen overshirts that represent a union where the meeting of traditional and modern materials creates garments of high comfort and distinct style. Made from linen, a material known for its breathability and durability, our overshirts offer an ideal solution for all usage scenarios. We offer a variety of overshirts in different materials and colors. With fits ranging slim-fit and straight-fit to relaxed-fit and oversized. Ensuring that you can wear them comfortably over a shirt and under a jacket.

Sustainability and Quality in Every Stitch

Ciszere places great emphasis on sustainability and quality, with each shirt being the result of carefully selected materials and long-term craftsmanship. Linen, both natural and renewable, is chosen with care to ensure minimal environmental impact. We focus on providing linen overshirts that combine practical use with an aesthetic that complements the contemporary wardrobe.

Versatility that Bridges Styles

Our linen shirts are designed to be versatile, suitable for all sorts of occasions, from work to leisure. Their timeless design makes them appropriate to wear over a T-shirt for a casual look or as a lighter alternative to a jacket during the warmer months. With a range of colors and cuts, they effortlessly pair well with a variety of trousers.

Comfort meets elegance

Comfort is at the heart of our design philosophy, where the design of each linen overshirt aims to provide distinguished comfort to the wearer. Linen, with its natural temperature-regulating properties, ensures that the garment remains comfortable through both warm and cool periods. This focus on comfort, combined with elegance, makes Ciszere’s linen overshirts an excellent choice for the conscious consumer who values both aesthetics and well-being.