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Explore our men's clothing line for a fusion of timeless sophistication and contemporary flair. From impeccably tailored shirts to casual essentials, our collection is a testament to quality craftsmanship and modern style. Redefine your personal fashion narrative with our thoughtfully curated men's fashion, reflecting both versatility and elegance.

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Linen short set - Forest GreenLinen short set - Forest Green
Linen short set - Forest Green Sale price2 298 SEK
Linen short set -  Sunburst BeigeLinen short set -  Sunburst Beige
Linen zip short set - BlackLinen zip short set - Black
Linen zip short set - Black Sale price2 498 SEK
Linen zip short set - WhiteLinen zip short set - White
Linen zip short set - White Sale price2 498 SEK
Linen zip short set - Sunburst BeigeLinen zip short set - Sunburst Beige
Linen zip short set - Forest GreenLinen zip short set - Forest Green
Waffle short set - Leaf GreenWaffle short set - Leaf Green
Waffle short set - Leaf Green Sale price2 198 SEK
Waffle Set - Forest GreenWaffle Set - Forest Green
Waffle Set - Forest Green Sale price2 398 SEK
Plisse set - GreyPlisse set - Grey
Plisse set - Grey Sale price2 698 SEK
Plisse set - IvoryPlisse set - Ivory
Plisse set - Ivory Sale price2 698 SEK
Plisse set - BlackPlisse set - Black
Plisse set - Black Sale price2 698 SEK
Remy pile vest - Moss greenRemy pile vest - Moss green
Remy pile vest - Moss green Sale price1 299 SEK
Mian linen shorts - BlackMian linen shorts - Black
Mian linen shorts - Forest GreenMian linen shorts - Forest Green
Mian linen shorts - Off whiteMian linen shorts - Off white
Arlo Shirt - Pyramide EscapeArlo Shirt - Pyramide Escape
Arlo Shirt - Pyramide Escape Sale price1 499 SEK
Mian plisse shorts - WhiteMian plisse shorts - White
Jack plisse shirt - Light blueJack plisse shirt - Light blue
Jack plisse shirt - Light blue Sale price1 199 SEK
Arlo Flower Print Shirt - MultiArlo Flower Print Shirt - Multi
Arlo flower print - Multi Sale price1 499 SEK
Evan plisse tee - Off whiteEvan plisse tee - Off white
Evan plisse tee - Off white Sale price799 SEK
Icy t-shirt - WhiteIcy t-shirt - White
Icy t-shirt - White Sale price899 SEK
Icy t-shirt - BeigeIcy t-shirt - Beige
Icy t-shirt - Beige Sale price899 SEK
Franklin waffle tee - BlackFranklin waffle tee - Black
Franklin waffle tee - Black Sale price699 SEK
Ruby striped shirt - MultiRuby striped shirt - Multi
Ruby striped shirt - Multi Sale price1 299 SEK

Modernity and versatility in our men's clothing collection

Explore our curated collection of men's clothing, designed to suit the modern man's needs. Our collection offers stylish and functional pieces for every occasion, where design meets utility. Whether you're looking for a classic shirt for everyday wear or a comfortable sweatshirt for relaxed moments, we aim to provide a diverse range that complements your personal style.

Quality materials for sustainability and comfort

Our men's clothing is meticulously crafted with a focus on high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. Explore our range of shirts in breathable cotton fabrics and casual sweatshirts in soft materials. We believe in offering clothing that is comfortable and sustainable without compromising on style – a subtle luxury for your everyday life.

Timeless diversity in style

Discover our men's collection that encompasses timeless diversity in styles. From classic shirts to casual sweatshirts – each piece is designed with care and attention to detail. We strive to offer options for every taste, without excessive trends. Explore our curated selection and let our collection become a discreet part of your personal style.