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Designer's choiceMateo plisse overshirt - IvoryMateo plisse overshirt - Ivory
Designer's choiceLugo plisse trouser - IvoryLugo plisse trouser - Ivory
Lugo plisse trouser - Ivory Sale price$156.00 USD
Lugo plisse trouser - BlackLugo plisse trouser - Black
Lugo plisse trouser - Black Sale price$156.00 USD
Jack plisse shirt - WhiteJack plisse shirt - White
Jack plisse shirt - White Sale price$144.00 USD
Jack plisse shirt - BlackJack plisse shirt - Black
Jack plisse shirt - Black Sale price$144.00 USD
Mateo plisse overshirt - BlackMateo plisse overshirt - Black
Jack plisse shirt - Light blueJack plisse shirt - Light blue
Evan plisse tee - Light blueEvan plisse tee - Light blue
Mian plisse shorts - BlackMian plisse shorts - Black
Mian plisse shorts - Black Sale price$132.00 USD
Lugo plisse trouser - GreyLugo plisse trouser - Grey
Lugo plisse trouser - Grey Sale price$156.00 USD
Mian plisse shorts - Light blueMian plisse shorts - Light blue
Mian plisse shorts - WhiteMian plisse shorts - White
Mian plisse shorts - White Sale price$132.00 USD
Sold outEvan plisse tee - BlackEvan plisse tee - Black
Evan plisse tee - Black Sale price$96.00 USD
Mateo plisse overshirt - GreyMateo plisse overshirt - Grey
Mateo plisse overshirt - Grey Sale price$168.00 USD
Sold outEvan plisse tee - Off whiteEvan plisse tee - Off white
Evan plisse tee - Off white Sale price$96.00 USD


Explore the Plissé Sensation

Welcome to our exclusive collection of pleated men's clothing. Dive into a world of subtle elegance and timeless style with our carefully curated range of pleated shirts, overshirts, trousers, shorts and tee. Each garment is crafted with precision and quality in mind, delivering an unmistakable touch of sophisticated charm to your wardrobe.

What is plissé?

plissé is a fascinating technique to add an extra dimension to clothing. It involves creating a permanent texture or pattern by folding or crinkling the fabric in a specific way. The process includes pressing and fixing the fabric precisely to hold the folds or wrinkles in place. The result? A subtle yet elegant aesthetic that adds a unique touch to the garment. Plissé isn't just a stylistic detail; it also gives the fabric structure, dimension, and visual interest. We have used this technique to our plissé collection which we take much pride in.

Quality and comfort in Every Fold

Find the perfect balance between style and comfort with our plissé collection. With a flattering fit and lightweight, breathable fabrics, each piece is designed to keep you both comfortable and well-dressed for any occasion.

Our high-quality pleated pieces is crafted with carefully by us with selected materials and expertise. Every fold is perfectly placed to create a distinctive structure and movement in the garment, resulting in a unique aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

Style it your way

our pleated clothes are versatile and can be combined with other clothes from this collection, you can buy a complete set or you can choose to style it with other clothes, it works just as well, which makes pleated an obvious choice in the wardrobe for all men who prefers style, luxury and comfort in one garment, You have endless possibilities with the plissé collection